AGCO is a parent company to some of the most durable and innovative farm equipment on the market.  


Massey Ferguson

Massey tractors were made for home farmers who refuse settle for good enough. Their land may not be a major agri-business operation, but they sure know how to run it like one. 



Dealer Kit Radio

Client bought the script and left production up to individual dealers.  

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ECD: John Vitro

CW/ACD: Nik Drellow 

CW/ACD: Bill Wanek  

Jr. AD: Kristen Sugihara


The IDEAL Axial Combine by Challenger is the result of rigorous testing in the most hellish conditions. Producers asked for a machine that not only delivered higher and better quality yields, but one that gave them complete control over every facet of their process. And AGCO delivered.

Internal Launch Poster

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*Not produced 

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ECD: Mike Brower

CW/CD: Schuyler Vandenbergh

AD/CD: Will Roth 

AD/Designer: Paul Lambert